SAVA LoveCat LoveDog

About us

SAVA Sdn. Bhd. incorporated in 1990, the establishment of business started with experienced staff forces and best facilities in handling live fish to export tropical ornamental fish worldwide.

SAVA Sdn. Bhd. over years of experiences in live fish business and started to import aquarium accessories and pet food, that was how "LoveCat" & "LoveDog" was born.

SAVA believed, we share a special relationship with our pet, one that goes beyond sharing our homes.  Pet occupy our minds and lives constitute an important part in our families.  Not surprising then as pet owners and caregivers, we only want the very best for our pet.  The secret to a happy and healthy life starts with good nutrition.  It is the foundation of strength and healing for all living creatures.

SAVA Pet Food, SAVA LoveCat, SAVA Essentials for Adult Felines, SAVA Essentials for Growing Kittens, SAVA Essentials for Adult Kittens are all certified produced in accordance with Islamic Guidelines and under supervision of Islamic Food Research Centre (IFRC) - Malaysia & Asia region.  The product contains SUCI ingredients and complies with the Shariah Law, therefore is lawful for Muslim use.