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Sava Sdn. Bhd.

Our Products

Our series of Cat Food (Sava LoveCat, Sava Essentials Felines, Sava Essentials Kittens) are all certified production in accordance with Islamic Guideline, therefore is lawful for Muslim use.

SAVA Pet Food has been developed by an experienced team of Pet Nutritionists and Veterinary Professionals to be a nutritionally balanced and complete meal.

SAVA Pet Food ingredients use are rich in nutrients with added benefits of high quality vitamins and minerals.  It contains no artificial colours, no artificial flavors, no hormones and no antibiotics.



SAVA 富含多种有机元素,并采用进口的肉类,维他命和矿物质等优质的成分来提供宠一生成长所需的理想营养。

力求卓越品质的精神,所有SAVA的产品都经过严格的捡测程序,也荣获ISO9001:2000品质认证,也采用卫生监控系统 (HACCP) 和优良制造法 (CMP), 以确保所有产品都具有最高的食品安全水平.


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